Interested in studying and practicing Japanese in Augusta?

I have been trying to find good resources for Japanese study in the Augusta area, and so far I’m not finding much. The best possibility seemed to be, but the Augusta Japanese Language group doesn’t have an organizer. I would be an organizer in a heartbeat if I could afford to pay the $19/mo.

Instead, I’m going to try to create a group on my own. If you’re in Augusta and you’re interested in learning Japanese, please post a comment!

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  1. Heather,

    I too think the resources in Augusta are disappointing. There used to be an anime rental store, but right around the time I moved closer to Augusta the place closed down.

    I’m on as well and I agree that the $20/month isn’t the right way to go, not unless we can get 4 or more people together that agree to pay the money together.

    I’m noticing that these posts are quite old. Are you still trying to get this together? Please email me at Maybe I can help out in some way. Thanks!

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