You know what I hate? My car.

You know what else I hate? My car.

By the way, I hate my car.

And let’s not forget my car. Which I hate.

…Okay, fine. I don’t really hate my car. I just hate the fact that it’s fucking broken.

Right now it’s sitting in the Sam’s parking lot. I was sitting in it, myself, for over half an hour trying to get the damn thing to start. Unlike the time this happened in Aiken, it wasn’t particularly hot. A cool breeze was blowing, and it had rained. I don’t know if the car itself was hot from the drive back from Columbia, or if there’s some factor other than heat that causes the starter to not function. I do know that on my way up I turned it off to gas up and it started back just fine.

I guess it’s just “finicky”.

In any case, I walked home.

If anyone knows where I can get an ignition switch for a 1986 Subaru GL two door hatchback, let me know. ;P