To the printers!

Today I’m going to Columbia to spend a little over half a workday learning about the printing process. This will help me optimize my graphic designs for print.

I’m pretty excited (and nervous) about it. I should learn a lot, and that is very cool. But, of course, it involves going to a new place and meeting new people, so, you know.

I’m beginning to rethink wearing a white shirt. This could be bad. I was thinking that surely they won’t expect me to dress up, because it’s a printers for goodness’ sake, but I didn’t want to look crappy either so I put on khakis and a white shirt. Now, though, I’m thinking darker colors might be better, in case of an ink accident…

But meh. I don’t feel like changing clothes, and I don’t really have anything I feel like changing into anyway. (Famous last words?)

In any case, I’m going to take my camera, so hopefully I’ll get some interesting pictures of the printing process :) No promises, though–even if I am allowed to take photos, they may not want me putting them on the web. We’ll see!