Helen Blocker-Adams

I had the occasion, purely randomly, to meet one of Augusta’s mayoral candidates yesterday afternoon in a parking lot. She was very enthusiastic and friendly, asking my name as she shook my hand and gave me her card.

I just read the front page of her website. The essay there seems to be the speech she gave as she announced her candidacy. And I have to say, I liked it a lot. I like that she is so dedicated to Augusta, to unity, to the community, and she certainly seems to have a good record in that regard.

At this time, I can’t say that I’m voting for her, because I don’t actually know anything about the other candidates…including who they even are. But meeting Helen and reading her website has made me very interested in the campaign, and now I think further research is in order.

Update 3:20 pm: Via this page, I have discovered that the other two candidates so far are Deke Copenhaver and Tommy Boyles. Deke Copenhaver is the executive director of the Central Savannah River Land Trust, and several people have written in to the Chronicle about him (here, here and here). Tommy Boyles is a member of the Augusta Commission, from District 7. Neither of these candidates seem to have a website yet.

The election will take place November 8, according to WAGT.