Vacation destination: De Smet, South Dakota

Why? Well, it’s one of the places Laura Ingalls Wilder lived and wrote about!

In De Smet, a railroad surveyor’s house where the Ingalls family lived during the winter of 1879-1880 and a house built in 1887 by Laura’s father, Charles, are the top attractions, Palmland says.

Sixteen other sites mentioned in the “Little House” series can be found there, too, along with the cemetery where Wilder’s parents, three sisters and an infant son are buried.

A pageant that retells the Ingalls’ family story is held each July.

It’d be a pain to get out there–40 miles from the nearest interstate and 100 miles from the nearest big city–but I think it’d be worth it someday. Maybe when I finally go on my nationwide road trip…