My dreams are so transparent

I had lots of dreams last night that I found preferable to reality ;P One major event in my dream involved me getting a job from a woman who really needed an assistant; at first it seemed like it was going to be typical assistant stuff, but then she handed me a book called Pantone something (Pantones are standard colors used in design work), and it became obvious that I was going to be doing design work with her, too. I was so psyched.

I was also going to be starting classes at ASU the following week, and the lady–whose name was Gloria, obviously after one of the tracks on the H2 soundtrack–was very eager for me to continue my schoolwork and to arrange my work schedule to fit my school schedule. Gloria also told me to name my own salary, and she hinted at somewhere around $10/hr. (When I told Sean this in the dream, he said, “$5 is enough, really.” :>)

There was a subplot involving me driving around some city–maybe New York, because I was near Central Perk/the Friends’ characters’ apartments, and I was finally figuring out where the two places were in relation to each other, which made me very happy. ;P Anyway, my cousin Carl was there, and so was my mom. Mom had her van, and Carl had a cute little orange car that I recognized. Apparently I had purchased the car at some point, but I had never taken it home with me from Kentucky, and now someone else seemed to be handling the payments. This made me feel bad, but at the same time I was thrilled because that meant I owned a new car.