Sci-fi silliness

MSN’s got an article up entitled “10 Dumb Moments in Sci-Fi Cinema“. I’d like to respond to some of the sniping!

There aren’t a lot of good reasons to be a science fiction freak.

Sure, the genre gets respect, not to mention box office yield, but the poor innocent fans are still depicted as lifeless, dateless, and wearing Vulcan ears.

But, and we say this with love, sci-fi fans often deserve the reputation. Once people overhear some pale guy with wizard hair explaining how a light saber simply isn’t possible, as the exposed plasma from the device would irradiate every living organism with a 5-kilometer radius, what are people supposed to think? “Sexy?”

Um…yes, actually.

(Although that’s not my understanding of lightsaber physics…)

Did anything in “The Fifth Element” make sense? No. Did it kick ass? Yes.

Hey! It made sense…

No, really, it did! ;P

So, the same company that brings you the dark side of the force and the death star decides that tall, slow, off balance elephant thingies with laser beam-shooting tusks are the best way to ferret out the rebels from their underground fortress?

…okay, I’ll give them that one.

Seriously, the list is pretty good, and funny:

“The Fly” was a movie with the world’s easiest gimmick: Watch a guy turn into a fly. There should be more movies like this. Watch a guy turn into a lobster. Watch a guy turn into an oyster. This is what science is all about.

Yes. Yes it is!