A little publicity for Sunshine

Sunshine’s blog has been discovered by actor [redacted], and featured on MSNBC TV. When Sunshine heard that [redacted] had mentioned her blog on the radio, she wrote him an email to confirm, and got a really great reply. Check it out:

Yes, I did mention your website on the radio because I think it is great what you are doing and I want people here in the United States to see what you have to say about life in Iraq today. We get a very uneven view of things because all we have is the media and they are sometimes very one sided. The media pretty much only shows us all the terrible things, the bombings and the death toll but not the everyday life of the Iraqi people. We do not know how the average Iraqi citizen feels about things there and you write very well about your life in Mosul. Just being a kid and going to school and trying to have a good life. I know that there are many bad guys there who are making things very difficult for all of you. But I am very optimistic about the upcoming vote this week and I know that someday you will live in an Iraq your parents have never seen. A free Iraq where you have the right to chose your own leaders, go to work, become what you want, say what you want and have a good future where you will not live in fear.

Awesome, all around. I hope more people start reading Sunshine’s blog.

[Edit 6:06 pm:] The actor’s name has been removed from Sunshine’s blog. Sunshine states in her revised post, “In the same day I wrote a letter & tried to send it to that famous actorI deleted his name at his request)”. I removed his name from my post as well.