Hafla (bellydance party)

Tonight there was a hafla at the Warren Road Community Center for all the bellydance students and anyone else who wanted to come. Most of the women were resplendent in full bellydance garb; I and a few others just wore regular clothes.

When Chris asked me if I was going to dance, I said, “No,” and held up my camera. “I’m covering this event for the blogosphere.”


Jeannie giving a makeup workshop

Mari and her mom

little drummer boy

everyone freestyle dancing together

There were bellydance videos, plenty of music, lots of delicious snacks, and much fun to be had. Brooke showed us how to wear hair falls and how to make tassels out of yarn. Jeannie showed us how to do tribal-style stage makeup. Towards the end of the evening, (almost) everyone participated in some tribal improv. Not only that, but there were plenty of bellydance items to buy, including CDs, videos, coin belts, tassels, and those cool stickers you can put on your face (like Mari, Bonnie, and Jeannie are wearing in the pictures above). I didn’t buy anything, but it was cool to look at all the stuff!

All in all, it was a neat time to hang out and enjoy everything about bellydance.

See the rest of the photos here. And check out the very end; I’ve uploaded my first two videos to smugmug!