Impossible ideal looks achieved by photo retouching

I was vaguely aware that magazine photos are retouched to remove “imperfections”, but I had no idea that editing was done on this scale. Click through the entire Flash thing. It’s astounding.

That girl looked absolutely fine before…hell, she was certainly skinny enough before they hacked five inches off her waistline. Most shocking to me, though, were the changes to her face. She wasn’t perfect, but she had her own natural beauty. The image modifications made her look like an ethereal pixie…not by enhancing her existing features, but by redrawing them, turning her into a completely different (and impossible) person.

This, of course, was done as an example, so people can get an idea of what might have happened to the images we see in magazines. I commend Sweden’s Ministry of Health and Social Affairs for the G!rlpower Project, and the Forsman & Bodenfors advertising company for their implementation.

(via BoingBoing, who linked to a demo of the campaign on the ad company’s website)