Oh, Charlie!

I had another interesting dream last night. This time I was some sort of student. The school may very well have been Hogwarts, but I was college age at least, and living in a dorm-style room.

In the beginning of the dream I was still married to Sean, so when in the same day two men proposed to me, that was the reason I knew I couldn’t marry either of them. However, I’d sent them away without an answer, and I had to meet them again and tell them no.

Unfortunately for me, one of them lived in Boston, and the other lived in Miami. I started making plans to visit both cities. But before I could, the guy from Boston came to see me.

He was a single dad of two little girls, and he was played by Bruce Willis. When he arrived I’d just gotten out of the shower and was only wearing a white towel. My roommate let him in and stayed in the room for the show.

I was supposed to tell him I couldn’t marry him…

“Oh, Charlie,” I said, because apparently that was his name. I ran around the table and knelt next to him, kissing all over his face and neck. “I can’t think when you’re here! And I know it’s just going to be the same with the other guy…”

Not the most romantic thing I could have said, but apparently I have no sense in my dreams.

Not long after this, my roommate suggested Charlie leave the dorm room, since he really wasn’t supposed to be in there anyway, and she took him down to the dining hall. I said I’d throw some clothes on and join them.

The first thing I put on was some black pleather number…very sexy, low cut with an odd cutout at my stomach (and in the dream, my stomach was flat ;>). It looked awesome…but I changed into a “Women’s Rugby” tank top and shorts because it would be sucky to look all sexy when dumping a guy.

Somewhere along the way, I was no longer married to Sean, and so the reason I dumped Charlie (why, why did I have to dump Charlie?) was because it was somehow “wrong”, and I should be with the other guy. So I was trying to set up a trip to Miami to see him. The other guy was never named, but he was very hot, African-American with a shaved head. He was a singer/rapper, and someone else in the dream had a huge four disc set of all his songs.

However, Charlie was Bruce Willis (hey, wait a second, they were both bald! Hmm…). So as I kept thinking about the other guy, I realized I didn’t want to marry him. But I kept thinking there was some reason I couldn’t marry Bruce Willis/Charlie, so I ultimately came to the conclusion that I couldn’t marry either of them.

“I’ll be left with nothing,” I thought, but I was happier with that than with marrying the wrong person.

(Where did Sean go, anyway?)

At some point, I think when I was going to the dining room to break it off with Charlie, there was some sort of crisis (like Voldemort attacking or something), but since I wasn’t involved with it directly I have no idea what it was.

I also went to the bathroom at one point, and it was the bathroom from my old internship. The toilets looked kind of gross. Mari was with me, dressed in some kind of leopard pattern dress/skirt, and she took one look at the toilet and said, “This is no place for Alchemy.”

However, I had to go, so I went into the cleanest stall. Someone else came with me, and there was a sink in there, and she used that while I used the toilet. (I think that happened because I woke up at one point and remembered how Japanese toilets have a little hand wash spray on top.)

Anyway, I never did meet up with the other guy. I think the point of the dream was that I almost could have married a guy 30 years older than me, and really wanted to, but didn’t, for some unknown noble reason.