Some web stats

I just realized that I lost all my old logs, from before February of this year, because I had downloaded them and deleted them off my server to save space. ;P But anyway, I set up analog to run some regular reports, and here’s what it spat out for the past few months:

month: reqs: pages:
Sep 2005 5237 950
Oct 2005 184709 48887
Nov 2005 178097 35336
Dec 2005 165351 36316

0.47% of the requests were from Mom’s IP address, meaning either Mom herself, or AJ at work. I’m not sure what AJ’s IP is at home. A huge number, something like 3 or 4%, came from my own IP. Obviously I refresh my blog too much…but that still means I’m getting a fair number of other visitors.

Here are some interesting Google searches that led people to my posts:



People have come to my site 20 times via Derik (thanks man!). 22 people were linked to me from Dawn (thankies!). 23 people found me due to my self-linking in the Sushicam comments (yee!). Magazine Man has sent me 25 visitors (danke!). The Cynical Traveller steered 36 surfers in my direction (gracias dude!). Japundit is responsible for 62 visits (doumo!). Various image searches, based in several countries including the UK, Japan, and Italy, have scraped my filez. Google’s Blogsearch has apparently resulted in 72 clicks, and I also seem to have come up in AOL Search and on (???).

My greatest referrer is myself, though :> People seem to click to other pages on my blog from individual posts quite a lot (I do it myself frequently). The post that led to the most internal clicks was this one, naturally, with a grand total of 46,597. I don’t think those people stuck around very long, though.