I have a job! Sort of! But not really!

Starting today I’m working full time at 2go-Box doing web design. I’m not sure how long the work will last, but I’m making good money, and it’s very nice to get out of the house during the day.

Today went pretty well, actually; I like the design I came up with, and it should only need some tweaking and maybe the addition of some nice stock photos before it’ll be ready to go. Then, of course, it’ll be a matter of porting content over and building some web forms. Whee.

David made it to town safely; I saw him and Brooke last night at Fresh Market. It was my first time ever going there. I have to say that I like the place. It’s got rather ambient lighting–when I first pulled up, I wondered if it was closed. They’ve got fresh meat and vegetables and a huge array of candy and spices and bottled stuff. It’s just a neat place. They also do sushi, which I’ll have to try sometime.