Living out your life online

There’s a new IM client called imstar* that boasts 3D, moving avatars. It’s supposed to add realism to your interactions. What really gets me is the fact that you can change your avatar’s outfits by going to an online store and buying new clothes.

You want your Avatar to look her best right? Ergo, you must shop! Welcome to the starpoint Galleria where shop after shop is jam-packed with all the coolest, latest looks no matter what your style. This is yet another place where you can express yourself at imstar*- your Avatar can dress any way you want.

You’ll find all the best jeans at “Denim Daze” and make-up at “Glamourstar*.” Need a new coif? Hit the “Head Shop”, and if athletic wear is your thing, try “Sportster.” There are contacts (at the “Eye Pod” shop) and shoes galore at “Shoe Fetish.” There are more stores, more styles, more stuff than you’d ever dream of. You can even shop for more animations and more moves–can you do that at your local mall? The whole mall is searchable, just type in what you’re looking for and bam.

Are you afraid to commit? You can try before you buy. Don’t be caught with your pants down–after twenty minutes, if you don’t pay, the clothes will simply be returned to the store. Oh, and a little hint- if tons of people buy an item in the store, it could sell out, just like at the real mall. So get the goods while you can, they won’t always be there for the buying.

Is that scary, or what? I guess with stuff like this there’s no point in living in the real world, is there?

Players of MMOs are already familiar with this concept. :>