My imstar* avatar

So I thought I’d try out imstar* and see how close to my actual appearance I could get an avatar.

Here are the results.

My face Avatar's face
My body Avatar's body

It’s hard to make one of these avatars overweight. They have great options for changing the shape of the body, but the options only go so far in terms of girth. I guess they figure nobody would want a fat avatar.

The face is hilarious. I was limited by the software: you have to purchase hair and eyebrows, and I couldn’t find the right styles. That hair is totally ugly, but it’s the closest I could find.

As for the general face, there are face shape, eyes, nose, mouth, and cheeks and chin adjustment options. I messed with them until I got them as close as I possibly could to my own face, but it still doesn’t look a thing like me.

And they only have four pairs of glasses in the shop!

Oh well, that was a fun waste of two hours. Now to get down to what I’m supposed to be doing…