The Pink House

An anonymous reader points to this article at the Augusta Chronicle concerning my beloved North Augusta Pink House.

Peggy Simons loves being near the water.

She and her husband, Dr. James Simons, a semiretired dentist and developer, already owned a beach home at Fripp Island. S.C., when they decided to build a home on the Savannah River and move from the historic Ambrose Clark house in Aiken to North Augusta.

Mrs. Simons oversaw the construction.

“I picked out everything down to the doorknobs,” she said.

We can assume this also includes the color of the house.

The following is listed in one of the informational boxes at the end of the article:

THE HOME: The three-story home, known as “The Pink House,” has 8,000 square feet, five bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. It has two kitchens and a pool.

Damn straight it’s known as “The Pink House”. I named it that!!!!

(Really, “The Pink House” is not a hard name to come up with for a huge, highly visible pink house. But I can dream, can’t I?!)