Check out this awesome email I just got.

From: Benavides Chester []
Sent: Thursday, March 30, 2006 4:24 PM
To: Bender Chi
Subject: Re[2]:

muttered in a sleepy voice but without malice : ‘ All right, then . . . but you’ll pay for it … I warned you, but if you want to … What interests me most now is Pontius Pilate . . . Pilate . . .’ And with that he closed his eyes.
‘Vanna, put him in No. 117 by himself and with someone to watch him.’
The doctor gave his instructions and replaced his spectacles. Then Ryukhin shuddered again : a pair of white doors opened without a sound and beyond them stretched a corridor lit by a row of blue night-bulbs. Out of the corridor rolled a couch on rubber wheels. The sleeping Ivan was lifted on to it, he was pushed off down the corridor and the doors closed after him.
‘Doctor,’ asked the shaken Ryukhin in a whisper, ‘ is he really ill?’
‘Oh yes,’ replied the doctor.
‘Then what’s the matter with him?’ enquired Rvukhin timidly.
The exhausted doctor looked at Ryukhin and answered wearily:
‘Overstimulation of the motor nerves and speech centres . .

Wow :D

A little Googling turns up that this is a copy and paste job from Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita. Is this the new strategy? Rather than try to create realistic blocks of text, simply copy existing blocks?

Regardless, it’s funny.

(And who’s Bender Chi? That name is awesome. I may have to use it somewhere.)