Getting settled

I’m making curry for dinner. It occurred to me as I placed the onion on the cutting board that I don’t have any knives! So I used a steak knife, which was interesting. I had to use it to cut up the chicken, too, since I don’t have any kitchen scissors. Where has my brain been? Obviously, those two items are next on my list.

Right now, the meat and vegetables are simmering on the stove. My new pots and pans are awesome (thanks Mom!). They’re so shiny and nice. And they’re not difficult to use. I seem to be able to understand them pretty well. I’m using one of the Metro pots with the glass lids. It’s neat to be able to see what it looks like in the pan when it’s simmering.

We ordered a kotatsu, and it’s scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. I can’t wait. Once it’s here, I can figure out how I want to arrange everything else.

We keep going back and forth about a dining room table. I think we’re going to hold off for now. We definitely have to get a chest of drawers, and I think Sean is pretty eager to get a bed, but that pretty much covers the absolutely necessary furniture, as we plan to eat at the kotatsu. So we’ll see what happens about other furniture.

My car is still at the shop. They haven’t even looked at it yet. I’m getting pretty annoyed with *cough*Gerald Jones Subaru on Washington Road*cough*. Depending on what I hear tomorrow (if anything), we may be buying a car as well as furniture this weekend.

I’m hoping for a PT Cruiser.