Today’s lunch

I strolled around near the station today. First I headed down Georgia Avenue, taking pictures of all the neat houses. I don’t know what is with the weird sloping roofs in North Augusta, but I think they are awesome.

Then I turned right on Martintown Road and headed up to Observation Way, where I made another right. That road is absolutely gorgeous; it’s like a huge garden in there.

These are the same flowers I used to have as my banner graphic.  Remember that?


After that I was out on Georgia Avenue again. I wandered down the street a little bit, then crossed and headed back behind WBBQ.

And that was my lunchbreak. Nice way to spend my time, if I do say so myself!

I’m glad I got to see so many blossoms. They were gorgeous. As the day was beautiful and bright, the pictures don’t do the flowers justice, but I hope they at least partially convey the loveliness that surrounded me on my walk.