Driving myself (let’s get the seven lines? …okay, no one will get that but Hai)

Immediately after work yesterday I went to Brooke’s, stopping at Bi-Lo to grab a dinner of sushi (some sort of crab roll) and fruit. We sat around online for several hours; I read news and chatted with a few people (including Vertigo, who I haven’t seen in awhile, so that was nice), and Brooke occasionally sent me links to bridesmaid dresses. (We’re liking this one at the moment, but ultimately all the bridesmaids will help pick the final dress, on March 16. Brooke originally picked this one, but I don’t know if it would look good on me. I guess we’ll find out…)

At around 10 pm we got around to watching some Kyou Kara Maou. I watched Taizen Shuu episode 6 by myself, and then Brooke joined me for the regular series episodes 52-54. Cool standalone plot episode, silly standalone Gunter episode (ah, the Wild West exists in other dimensions!), and awesome beginning-of-the-end plot episode. As usual we ended on a cliffhanger :>

By the way, Brooke can now read this megapost, and the addendum.

In any event, the purpose of relating all that was to demonstrate that I had a long day yesterday. Last night as I fought to get to sleep I suddenly remembered that Uncle Lewis’ wallet with all his foreign money he’d picked up while he was in Europe during World War II was lost in the fire. I started to feel sick over it, because that was truly a treasure. Then I forced myself to think of other things.

And now I’m up early doing some contract work. Whee!