Idle abortion thoughts

All the abortion news lately has got me thinking.

While I am opposed to abortion in general and absolutely believe that a baby that hasn’t been born should have the same rights as a baby who has, I am not completely blind to, or hardened towards, the point of view of mothers who don’t want to be mothers.

I can sit around all day and say that if a woman is raped, that doesn’t make it the baby’s fault, and the baby shouldn’t have to die because of it. And I do believe that. But that doesn’t negate the fact that the woman has been violated and may very well not want a reminder of that violation growing within her. She may want nothing to do with the baby whatsoever.

So I was thinking today, surely there is a solution to that sort of problem that doesn’t require the death of the baby. Would it be possible to “harvest” a child from an unwilling mother, and either grow it in a test tube or implant it in a surrogate? Is anyone doing research into this?