Finally some flower pictures

I’ve been staring at flowering trees for days (weeks?) and wishing I could get some good pictures, but I haven’t managed to get close to any of them until today. Pictures of my excursion to Riverview Park are up. I also uploaded pictures from yesterday, when I went to the Greeneway.

pink helicopter

I keep writing posts in my head while I’m out at lunch, and then not committing them to paper/screen later on. Today I thought I probably ought to set up audioblogger or something. We’ll see.

In any case, let me just recap real quick what I did yesterday and today.

I brought my lunch yesterday, but that didn’t stop me from going to McDonald’s on my break and getting a Filet O’Fish combo meal :> I then took it to the golf course side of the Greeneway.

I chose to wear my new floral high heels (Brooke’s shoes) yesterday, and while they are comfortable, they’re still high heels. So I took them off and walked barefoot down the Greeneway. The warm pavement felt awesome under my feet.

Looking for a place to stop and eat, I considered a trail leading towards the river, and a park bench, but both were too sunny. So I went on until I reached the old metal building sitting along the left-hand side of the Greeneway.

no trespassing

I didn’t stay, but I did look around. Though if walking a short way up the path, finding a trail that runs up next to the outbuilding, following that trail, and eating my lunch on a bed of pine needles counts as staying, then I guess I did stay.


By the way, the strap on my Wal-Mart purse is broken. This occurred shortly after Mari told me that the strap on her Wal-Mart purse had broken. I think she jinxed it. Regardless, I had a lot of fun lugging it and all my other crap around while trying to take pictures.

And that was my lunch yesterday.

Today I decided to go to Wife Saver. I knew there was one in North Augusta, but I wasn’t sure where, so I googled it. When I drove out Martintown to find it, I realized that there are hella restaurants on Martintown Road. I will have to go to Monterrey’s sometime!

My winding journey back into town led me further out Martintown, then back in on some road of which I don’t know the name, and finally to Buena Vista, which I took all the way down to Riverview Park. I hoped to find some flowering trees in the public space, but no such luck. I drove past the place where I usually park and headed back around the baseball field. Finally I felt that I really wanted to eat under the shade of some nice pine trees, even if there weren’t any flowers nearby, so I stopped and carted my lunch over to a bench among the trees.

Unfortunately I wasn’t there long before a bee started buzzing around me. At first I just sat still and waited for him to go away, but after a time it became obvious that he was very interested in the bench beneath me, so I packed up and moved on. The bee nuzzled up under the bench; he must have been a carpenter bee. ;P

I finished my lunch on a set of concrete steps, then wandered around and took a few pictures.

gateway to another world...or just a path

On my way out of the parking lot I realized there was a beautiful flowering tree right across the street.

So, like the obsessive that I am, I left my car idling in the entrance to the parking lot, ran across the street, and took pictures until a truck pulled into the parking lot and I decided I’d better move.


and again

still more

After that, I headed back to the office, narrowly avoiding an accident when I failed to notice a stop sign ;P gj!

All in all, I had a good day. As usual, my lunch excursion was very pleasant, and breathed life into my day. Otherwise, I stayed busy, and I had a project to work on in between newscasts.

I also didn’t get up early and do contract work today, which I think helped me be less tired. But I have plenty of freelance projects I need to finish before I can stop doing that and have a clear conscience, so tomorrow it’s back to the grind.