Why is it that when I have plenty of free time, I’m dull and lifeless and completely uncreative, but when I’m extraordinarily busy, I tend to come up with all sorts of creative ideas? (I’m pretty proud of that blog template/layout/feature toolbar I came up with, for example.)

Here lately, an anime music video has leapt almost fully-formed into my head. It happened in the car, because that’s the only place I ever listen to the radio, and the inspiration was a new song.

Today the song came on again, and this time I could almost see the music video. The song is perfect. And the video would express some feelings I’ve had about one of my all-time favorite anime.

The only problems?

I don’t have the source video.

I don’t have the song.

I don’t have video editing software.

I have never made an anime music video before.