Kid brings mercury to my old high school

Lexington Herald-Leader: Student brings mercury to school; cleanup required

Ten students touched the liquid mercury, Young wrote in her letter. “When you touch it, it beads up and runs away from you, and they were touching it to see what it would do,” Young said in an interview.
Those students were required to wash thoroughly, and their parents were called to bring changes of clothes to school, she said.

The boy brought the mercury to school on a bus. Young said that bus will not be used until it has been cleared by state officials.

The school will be closed this weekend as a private contractor removes any traces of mercury from a hallway in the upstairs seventh-grade wing, Young said. A Nicholasville contractor will do the cleanup work, but a cost estimate wasn’t available today.

The student who brought the mercury, his family and home will be scanned for the chemical, according to Young.


In other from-home news, I saw Dunbar High School cheerleaders on national news today.