Lunch, plus a possible photoblog

Pics from today’s lunch are up. I went to the little trail stretching between Buena Vista and the golf course end of the Greeneway. I’m not sure if that’s technically part of the Greeneway or not. Either way, it’s pretty there.

tree-lined path

Tomorrow I get my first paycheck. In celebration, I’ll be taking myself out to lunch, so I probably won’t take any pictures.

I’m thinking of starting a separate photoblog (I already have a name for it) in which I feature a single photo every day. I’d process the photo and make it all purty and stuff. I’m thinking that maybe that would gain more attention than spewing a whole bunch of mediocre photos all at once. Quality over quantity, plus a guaranteed photo every day.

Of course I would be dipping into the photos I already have up on smugmug, but I’d be making them better, you see.

I’ll have to think more about this, especially about how I want to actually do it. A lot of people use pixelpost, which is definitely an option, but there is something very comforting about having my photos stored on smugmug. Maybe I could do both somehow.