Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

I watched Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children today. (Finally.)

I can’t say I understood everything that went on–while I did watch AJ play VII, I don’t remember much about the story or the ending–but ultimately it was comprehensible enough. For a dead chick, Aeris sure does have a lot of lines. ;>

There were some crazy-cool fight scenes in this movie. The first scene was awesome because it featured the original battle music–and then the bad guy’s ringtone was the music they play when you win. That cracked me up.

But the two major battles at the end were the best–first with the creature, then with the main-bad-guy-who-I-won’t-reveal-but-you-can-probably-guess.

I was very happy when Cloud decided to stop feeling sorry for himself.

Cool thing: At one point, I thought to myself, “Cloud sounds like Yuuri.” Well, what do you know. I think Sakurai Takahiro is my favorite voice actor :>

Final note: Tifa kicks ass.