Marie Mockett posted about kokeshi today, pointing out an awesome Hello Kitty doll and then briefly explaining what kokeshi are.

At the end of her post, she writes, “This post was specially for Heather!”

My natural reaction was, “She’s talking about me!” But there’s no link, so I can’t be sure. And as I continued to consider, I realized that surely it’s not about me. She probably just has a friend named Heather.

For this to be a reference to me, she would have to know that I have a kokeshi, or that I used to have one (although now I’m wondering if that one was actually a kokeshi or something else). This would mean she’d have to have been reading my blog, because I don’t think I’ve made a Japundit comment on the subject. And what are the chances of that?

Still…what if she does read my blog? What if that was a reference to me? The idea is so awesome, I can’t help but voice it.

But I’ll do so over here, where it’s less embarrassing if it wasn’t a reference to me…and hey, if she does read my blog, she can confirm/deny!