Local television Web producer tired, hungry

One of the male anchors from work was in my dream last night. He was giving a Bible study class about how forgiveness is a theme in both the New and Old Testaments, and for some reason he was talking about Job…except in the dream version of the story, Job had children who were also put through horrible trials. In retrospect the lecture makes absolutely no sense, but in the dream I found it very moving.

I’m at the station a little early this morning due to not having a car. Same as yesterday. Bleh.

Yesterday I walked to Burger King for lunch. There are plenty of places I can get to in a 20 minute walk. I didn’t bring a lunch today, so obviously I’ll be walking again. The sad thing is that I forgot to eat breakfast. I thought about walking somewhere for that, but I really didn’t feel like it. Maybe I have enough change to get a honey bun or something out of the snack machine.

This week has already run me ragged, and it’s only Wednesday morning!