I posted more pictures last night and forgot to mention it. (Or was too tired to mention it, whatever.)

The first group is a small set from Monday’s lunch, when I had Sean’s car. I went to Wife Saver and got some catfish strips, then went to the North Augusta boat dock (and dropped my tea, spilling it all over the parking lot. Alas).

Savannah River

I also finally got some decent shots of the WBBQ radio towers. They dominate the skyline in certain parts of North Augusta, so I’m always taking pictures of them, but rarely are they ever, you know, not washed out.

Well, I like it, anyway.

The next set is from yesterday, when I walked to Burger King.

flowering trees

cute house

crazy, unintentional focus effect

they're everywhere!

Butler Avenue

People haven’t been commenting on my pictures, and no one (except Mom) ever goes to my actual gallery and posts comments, so I have to come to the conclusion that my pictures are terrible.

I’ll keep posting them anyway. :P