North Augusta woman leaves 15-month-old in car for nine hours

Obviously, the child died.

My first reaction upon hearing this story was to growl, “Death penalty!” I think I scared my coworker.

According to the Chronicle, the woman’s coworker said she was having trouble finding a babysitter. There needs to be a solution for this. I’m tired of hearing about children dying due to neglect, and I’m tired of hearing excuses. I can understand feeling trapped, needing to make money to feed the kid and so being afraid to call in to work to stay home with the kid…but honestly, leaving the child in the car all day? The stupidity here is mind-boggling. Parents need to be smarter.

And there needs to be a community solution that helps single parents or parents who both have to work to have decent childcare during the day. Because regardless of how well we try to educate people, there are always going to be morons. We need to have systems in place to protect our children from them.