I’ve had lots of fun lately :)

It seems like I’ve been going out to eat a lot the past few weeks. I really need to cut down on that so we can actually save some money. But it sure has been nice.

On Friday I went to lunch with Wes at Boll Weevil. I had forgotten how totally awesome Boll Weevil is. Wow. Of course, not only did I have a delicious sandwich (thick honey bread with turkey and lettuce and jalapenos) and seafood bisque, but I also indulged in sweet tea and chocolate chip banana cake. And I wonder why I’ve gained weight lately…:P

I think if I’m ever asked to make a restaurant recommendation to someone coming from out of town, I will say Boll Weevil.

On Friday night, Sean and I met up with Mari and Brooke and David at TakoSushi in Surrey Center. (They don’t appear to have a website, but read a review from December here.) They serve Southwestern and Asian cuisine.

Mari at TakoSushi

I tried their guacamole (quite good) and a shrimp/cheese quesadilla that Brooke ordered, and then David shared a little dumpling and Mari shared an egg roll and edamame…my meal was just sushi, though, some unagi and sake nigiri and something called a “Crazy Roll”. The nigiri wasn’t that great, to be perfectly honest. The rice looked kind of clumpy, and the fish lacked flavor and texture. Sean said he thought he saw the sushi chef who worked at Kurama before it burned down working at TakoSushi. If that’s the case, either he must not have made my nigiri, or he didn’t have much to work with.

The Crazy Roll, on the other hand, was awesome. It didn’t taste like sushi at all. It was rice rolled around a piece of fried shrimp, then rolled up with crab meat and avocado, and then drizzled with a special sauce. It really reminded me of something, but I couldn’t think of what it was. Mari tried it and she can’t think of it either. Whatever it is, it’s good.

The quesadilla was great too, so I think if I go back to TakoSushi I’ll stick to the Southwestern menu and the Crazy Rolls.


On Saturday, Brooke asked me to ride along as she drove David to the airport for his trip back to England. This involved a lot of sitting in the car and standing in lines, but it was still fun ;) We tried out the Edy’s in the big circular food court at Hartsfield-Jackson.

Brooke and David enjoying chocolate malts

After the lovebirds parted (they’ll see each other again in August), Brooke and I made a brief stop in a $10 luxury/fashion store (“Everything’s $10!”) where I almost bought an earring/necklace set, but restrained myself. Then we headed back to the car and out of town.

As we pulled onto I-20 from 75 I had a perfect shot of the golden dome of the capitol building, but I didn’t have my camera out. Alas.

Someday I will get a picture of that thing.

We were fairly full from Edy’s (I’d had a raspberry smoothie made with Sprite, and it was yummy!), so we were quite a ways out of Atlanta before we decided to start looking for a place to have dinner. “Quick, pick something on that sign,” Brooke said. We both looked it over. “Country Pride!” Brooke read.

“That sounds better than all that fast food,” I said.

So we pulled off and discovered that Country Pride was a Denny’s-esque restaurant at a truck stop.

Country Pride!  Is that anything like gay pride?

The food was marginal. I had steak and scampi, which is not something I’ll ever order again at a truck stop. The shrimp was fine, but the steak was crappy. Fortunately the green beans and baked potato were good. After the meal I indulged in a root beer float, because my subconscious apparently thinks I’m not fat enough. It was good ;P

The first half hour or so of our meal, our conversation was limited to things involving the phrase “Country Pride!” and giggling. We got very, very slap-happy :> As time went on, though, we found ourselves more and more interested in the NASCAR race that happened to be playing (they were at Kentucky Speedway in Sparta, Kentucky. I didn’t know we had a Sparta in Kentucky!). There were two pretty serious accidents while we watched, and they did a replay on one of them about five gazillion times. Hopefully Jeff Fuller is okay. Apparently he’s in fair condition at UK Hospital. He’s in good hands there :)

I let Brooke finish up the ice cream in my float and then we were off. (I tipped less than 10%, and Brooke gave about a 50% tip. I guess that evens out. I thought our waitress was batty, but whatever. Here’s hoping none of that money makes it into the hands of whoever microwaved that steak.)

We gassed up and then I had Brooke spin around so I could get the above shot of Country Pride. And then it was just driving the rest of the way back to Augusta.

Towards the end we started listening to a really cool CD by a group called the Scissor Sisters. I had never heard their stuff or heard of them at all, but they’re really good! Also on the trip I heard some good Depeche Mode and Orbital and the Lost in Translation soundtrack.

So it’s been something of a full, crazy weekend. Today Brooke and I are going to look at fabric for drapes for my bedroom, because it gets too bright in there in the mornings, and Brooke the master seamstress offered to sew something up. I have a pretty good idea of how I want them to look, so it’ll just be a matter of finding the right fabric. After that, hopefully we’ll get to see The Lakehouse–I saw a trailer for it Friday night and wanted to see it immediately. It looks neat :)