Last night’s dream

I dreamed about meeting someone. I was searching an online listing–for blogs, MySpace accounts, something–and I found one that I could tell had had its listing changed several times to avoid being “TOSed” (as they say on AOL), but to still appeal to people who are attracted to women. It was a young woman’s personal site, and it featured a diary and pictures of her. The listing was supposed to entice people to contact her, and it did; I called her up, excited to see what the conversation would be like.

At first she made small talk about what a beautiful day it was where she was, and then, unexpectedly, she said, “You know what would be sexy? If you traced your foot with your pinky finger onto a piece of paper, and measured it. I really like stuff like that.”

That seemed weird to me. I looked around frantically and said, “That would be great, but I don’t have a ruler.”

“Oh. Never mind then. It was nice talking to you…” she said.

I was disappointed and was about to hang up, when suddenly I decided that I hadn’t gotten the proper experience, and I wanted to. “So wait, that’s it?” I asked.

She changed her tune then, and though we didn’t talk about “sexy” things anymore, we did talk a lot about her current project–normally she was her own photographer, but at the moment she was working with a gentleman she’d just met, whose work she was very interested in. For some reason in the dream I was embarrassed that I was having the conversation, so I tried to avoid letting Sean hear who I was on the phone with.

Later, I ended up visiting her at the home of the photographer with a group of her fans. I was the first to introduce myself to her, and this was thrilling beyond belief. After that Mari (who was there for some reason) and I hung out with the photographer, admiring his house. He had all hardwood floors, and the style was something like a lake house. I have the impression that it was on the water, but I don’t recall actually seeing that in the dream. The photographer told us that he was “practically on a mortgage” even though the people he was renting the place from kept refusing to sell it to him. He’d just moved in, so the place was pretty sparse; I remember a tall green piece of furniture that could have either been a mod chair or a lamp.

And that was really about it. I never had the experience advertised in the online listing, but I was excited because I felt like I was going to eventually be the girl’s friend, and that seemed even better.

Part of this dream, I think, was inspired by the latest Megatokyo storyline, which has been very intriguing. I was wondering how Gallagher was going to deal with the “fanboy” issue–if he was going to deal with it at all. And he certainly is dealing with it! So I think the online listing comes from that, and I was the fangirl.

I had an idea earlier about where the photographer and his lake house came from, but now I’ve forgotten :>