I saw a Yaris!

I was in the right-hand lane on Davis Road where it intersects Pleasant Home/Boy Scout and turns into Walton Way Extension (yes, that is a confusing intersection), waiting to see if I wanted to zip straight forward and merge with the traffic to my left or just turn right and go to Bobby Jones, when I spotted it in the left turn lane across the way.

“What’s that?” I thought, even though I knew what it was. I watched it turn in front of me. “It’s a Yaris! A liftback!

All thoughts of going straight abandoned, I headed after it. As it was forced to slow down when the car ahead of it turned into the Sam’s Club parking lot, I shifted into the left lane and sped up to flank it.

It’s different in person. As expected, it’s pretty tall for a small car; I was in the Corolla so I couldn’t compare, but I’m sure it’s much taller than my Subaru. But it’s skinny and stubby and cute, just the way I thought it would be.

If you listened to my audiopost from last week when I was headed to Kentucky, you’ll know that I’d been thinking more and more of late about forgetting the Yaris and trying to convince Sean to drop twice as much money on a Prius. They’re more environmentally friendly, after all. And they’re kind of neat looking. And Tycho drives one!

But no. Despite all those things that make the Prius attractive to me, it just can’t compare to my first love.

After all, I don’t go into a frenzy when I see a Prius on the road.

Yaris Liftback, I’ll be seeing you in December!

(Now all I have to do is figure out if I want that Bayou Blue Pearl color I originally picked. That red Prius was pretty sharp…maybe that color would be nice on the Yaris too! Off to play with the Color Selector at toyota.com…)