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So Haruhi makes just as much sense (if not more) in its “true” order as it does in the order it aired! As those who have watched are aware, there was plenty of foreshadowing for the events of episodes 13 and 14 (Haruhi 5 and 6) in episode 4 (H7)–actually, there was foreshadowing for several episodes in that one. Watching in order, some of the foreshadowing still holds (and is a little easier to follow), and, of course, some of it plays out as references to things that have already happened.

And there are some great ones, too, like in the baseball episode where Haruhi considers giving Mikuru a ponytail, then looks over at Kyon’s ga-ga face and immediately changes her mind.

The only real problem is that when played in Haruhi order, while there is a feeling of resolution, there isn’t really a climax. But maybe that’s purposeful. Maybe it’s meant to be expository…to lead up to season 2! :>

I’m really hoping for that, because I realized today that I still have questions!

For starters…a talking cat?! “Shamisen” just kind of shows up in episode H11, The Adventures of Asahina Mikuru. And then we never see him again! (Except in the ED, with little sister.) Where did he come from, when did he start talking, and when did they all find out about it?

Speaking of the movie, why did Yuki jump on Mikuru after the Mikuru Beam?

Did they ever save all the students trapped by the data life form that came out of hibernation when Haruhi drew the emblem?

Is Kyon’s sister Mikuru as a child? (I know, this is gross, but there are clues: future-Mikuru and little sister both knock themselves in the head with their fists the same way; little sister and Mikuru’s eyes are the same color, their faces are the same, and their hair parts the same way in front; and Mikuru and little sister get along so well. The one thing throwing it off is how outgoing little sister is, and how timid Mikuru is. But she might have grown timid due to all the restrictions of time travel. Plus, Kyon even says to little sister, “If you don’t eat properly, you can’t grow up to be like Asahina-san”…I mean, come on, that’s priceless foreshadowing right there!)

Can Haruhi read Kyon’s thoughts sometimes?

Did Kyon tell Haruhi, as he stated he intended to in the last episode (H6)? It sure seems like she knows in the island story, and is even afraid of what she might have caused to happen. And the movie’s plot seems like it would be way too coincidental otherwise. But then in episode H13, Kyon implies that Haruhi doesn’t know about Yuki, so…

Why was Mikuru staring at the maid, Mori-san, on the boat?

What did Haruhi create on the island? Is it still there?

Why was Koizumi staring at Kyon’s mole?!?!?

What is Kyon to Haruhi? Why does she ask him “Have I met you before? A long time ago” in the first episode? I’m rather hoping he is not something she created or drew to herself, but someone who appeared randomly and stays of his own will–someone existing outside the influence of Suzumiya Haruhi. Sure, she “chose” him, but maybe there’s something more to it.

Will that couple in the green gym outfits get back together? ;)

Kitaaaaaaaaaaaa! [The] Second Raid! Left-back Ace!

Yeah, I can’t believe I just watched them all in a row. And I’m up way too late, to boot. Time to sleeeeeeeeeeep…


  1. Why don’t you read the Light Novels? I think they’re available on Amazon, but am not sure – but there’s also a translated version at baka-tsuki.

    Haruhi asks Kyon if they didn’t meet sometime earlier because 3 years ago, she met a man named “John Smith” who also studied in Kyon’s school (he had the same uniform, after all). Turns out that Kyon IS John Smith… but that’s a bit inaccurate. Kyon WILL be John Smith.

    Read the chapter entitled “Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody”. Oh, and trust me, the novels are much greater than the series.

  2. I have read some of the light novels now…this post was written in 2006 :) I need to go back to them, actually, so thanks for reminding me!

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