My first published photo

Back in May, Daniel Falconer of Weta Limited emailed to ask if the company could license one of my photos for an advertisement for their new fan website. Weta Limited is a creative company based in New Zealand consisting of six brands: Weta Workshop, Weta Digital, Weta Tenzan Chainmaille, Weta Collectibles, Weta Publishing, and Weta Productions.

Here’s a description of Weta Workshop, which you may have heard of:

Weta Workshop is a four time Academy Award winning company that offers services to all aspects of the creative industry including design, special make-up effects and prosthetics, creatures, armour, weapons, miniatures, prop building, large scale sculpture, display work and costuming.

(Check out their Projects list. This one is pretty interesting.)

You may have seen Weta Collectibles‘ awesome stuff. They produced exclusive figures for the Lord of the Rings movie marathon, which Sean and I used to have before the fire. They also made the Elven Helm that Magazine Man sent me.

Weta launched its publishing arm, Weta Publishing, in 2005. My photo was used in a print advertisement in a booklet put out by Weta Publishing that was distributed at San Diego Comic Con.

Here’s the original photo:

Here’s the proof of the ad Daniel sent me:

And here’s the ad in all its glory in the booklet:

A different version of the ad will also be used in a forthcoming publication.