Naruto Ninja Dome ’06

Two cosplayers dress up as characters Sakura and Naruto. (MDN/Roger Hutchings)Apparently the Tokyo Dome is currently hosting a month-long celebration of Naruto.

Monday’s events opened with the recording of a radio show, starring Naruto voice talents Junko Takeuchi (the voice of Naruto) and Kazuhiko Inoue (who plays Kakashi), who read out messages from fans, discussed the upcoming Naruto film, and previewed the theme tune from the new PS2 game “Naruto: Konoha Spirits,” sung by Takeuchi.


Visitors can try the characters’ favourite Ichiraku ramen, practice their dart-throwing skills, watch an exclusive Naruto 3D film and get a chance to try the new PS2 game.

The guy who wrote that article also took the pictures. I guess he was a one-man band at the event. I wonder if he took any more pictures.

The one I featured above is of course notable for the cosplayers, but my favorite part is the huge Gamabunta in the background. I’d like to pose for a picture next to it ;>