Maintaining "relevance in the face of relativity"

I was surfing around today and happened by SCAD‘s website, and that made me remember a couple years ago when my cousin Cary, her mother, a family friend and I all went to Savannah together. Cary was excited to see a SCAD building while we were there, though we didn’t go in or look around the area.

Looking at the SCAD website made me wonder if I’d like an MFA, and thinking about Cary made me wonder if she had one too. It’s kind of funny how our interests have coincided over the years. We both played piano, we both like photography, we both have two undergraduate degrees, and it seems we both have design interests too. Would I be following in her footsteps here as well?

I googled her name to see if I could find out, and it was surprisingly simple. She was interviewed on this blog. Turns out she has her Masters in art management, which is pretty cool!

The blog also reminded me that she organized a conference called Technology in the Arts, and that conference also has a blog. It was there that I found the reason I’m writing: a very interesting post about globalization’s effect on art.

Check it out.