Last night’s dreams

In my first dream, Gabe and Tycho worked at the TV station with me, and their content was expanding into television. I was all excited; I think I said something like, “As a commodity with continual content production, it’s only natural to expand into other media.” Tycho mentioned something about the search for a new reporter, and I thought he meant the station was looking for one…but then he corrected me, “No, a reporter for us.” So apparently Gabe and Tycho would have their very own gaming news reporter, hired by the station. Whack.

In my second dream, Sean and I went to Athens Restaurant and Taverna, which is being sold (if it hasn’t been already). While we were there Sean got the idea to buy the place. So we toured the facilities and talked about the pros and cons. I was excited about the prospect of owning our own business, and I couldn’t believe that Sean was actually for it, but I also had some reservations–it’s very difficult to run a restaurant, and I knew the initial cost would be high, and there would be no telling when we’d get a return on that investment.

Sure enough, we eventually discovered that the asking price was $79,300. I spent the rest of the tour pondering how crazy it would make us to take out a loan, and wondering if Sean really wanted to do that. I also considered other uses we could make of the space, like turning it into a bellydance studio for Mari.