Sean and I have this deal with our parents. We spend Thanksgiving with one set and Christmas with the other, and trade off each year. It was my idea, and everyone agreed it was fair. (Well, mostly everyone. But no need to go into that.)

This year’s circumstances are a little different, though. We were due to go to Kentucky for Thanksgiving…but due to various family issues on both sides, we didn’t go there, and we didn’t do Thanksgiving with Sean’s parents, either.

Instead, we stayed home, and I cooked a feast for two (with plenty of leftovers).

I made:

  • Turkey breasts seasoned with rosemary and thyme
  • Corn casserole
  • Green bean casserole (had to substitute cream of chicken for cream of mushroom soup, but that apparently didn’t matter)
  • Mashed red potatoes
  • Berries-in cranberry sauce (I opened a can, woo)
  • Rolls Biscuits
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Cherry pie

I also did three loads of laundry and cleaned the bathrooms!

We spent much of the day watching Lois & Clark seasons 2 and 3, and after Thanksgiving dinner we passed out for the night. At 8:30 p.m. Man, we’re old.

(Sean actually went to bed around the same time tonight, but I refused to give in and instead stayed up to catch up on pictures and posting.)

It was a lovely day, and so was today, and I’ve still got two days left of my fabulous four-day weekend :)

(…and now I’m caught up!)