What can I say, I like moving furniture

I mentioned before how I like to take some measure of control over a changing situation, and that when my officemate left for a new job I decided to rearrange the office. Here, finally, are pictures of what I did to the place. (To see what the office originally looked like, check here. Not so many great views, but you get the general idea.)

The madness begins here. Basically all I did at this point was shove desks away from one door and towards another.

Then I went batshit loco.

See that dirty-looking arc on the floor? That’s the mark left when the cleaners buffed the floor around where that second desk used to be. As you can see, I rotated it 180 degrees. I also shuffled the contents of that desk with the contents of the white table I put in its place.

So now I have something of a cubicle:

With my desk moved away from the previously-unused door and the second desk right next to mine, there’s a free and easy walkway through the office from door to door.

There is the danger that my office might become a hallway, but I figure I’ll just leave a door shut when I’m not feeling particularly sociable.

All in all, I like the change. It’s different, but it feels comfortable and usable.

One of the office ladies looked in and said, “Wow, it’s so nice and neat and clean!” Granted, there was a lot of dust around before I rearranged (and left a note for housekeeping), but I think organizing and storing all the clutter really made a difference. Instead of piles on top of piles, there are open surfaces and clean lines. Very feng shui :>

There are still things to do, but on the whole I’m happy with how it’s turned out.

I do want to get rid of that penguin, though. It annoys me, for some reason.