Stay or go?

Here are Sunshine’s thoughts.

a question I receive a lot is that ” how do you feel about the US presence in your country ? do you want them to stay or leave? “
WELL , 4 years a go , I used to feel safe when I see the soldiers in the street, I thought that I will have a free developed country , and we will live in happiness and will achieve our ambitious , I thought I will have a bright future , I was so happy that I bought military clothes and wanted to be a soldier (kid’s dreams!).
Now , when I see a tank I go as far as possible , when a tank come the cars go aside , and after they pass we drive as fast as we can , so that we don’t get hurt when some one attack the troops, I feel unsafe now , I worry about my family members , relatives and friends , I miss my aunt , I live in destroyed country full of terrorists , explosions , shootings , I don’t’ go out as I used before , I see people I love leaving Iraq , I see my country bleeding and I can’t do anything about that , I don’t trust the governments nor the presidents , I try to keep my spirit high , and say all of the darkness in the world can’t blow my candle , but it is hard , I don’t have enjoyable life , I miss picnics and fun , I miss the safety and security ,I miss a lot of things , I feel like a stranger in my country.
If the US troops will leave, a carnage will happen, they should stay I think and fix my country .. But as I say I am too young to talk about policy I might be wrong , that’s just my opinion ..