I don’t have a lot of time, because I should be in bed already, but I wanted to mention that I went and saw TMNT today, and it rocked. That fight in the rain? So amazing. CGI has come a loooooong way.

There wasn’t enough Donatello for me, really; as usual the plot was Leonardo/Raphael-centric. But the ending hinted at a sequel, so maybe…:)

I also wondered why April seemed to be a dealer in ancient artifacts (and a ninja) rather than a TV news reporter. But eh. I don’t care that much. (And Sarah Michelle Gellar did a great job voicing her.)

Love Casey Jones.

One of the best things about the movie was how it meshed so well with the other movies. You can’t argue necessarily that it’s in the same timeline, but the characters’ personalities, situations, and even their voices and trademark lines just seemed to fit.

The music was also great.

I just discovered that the VA for Donatello was Barry in Friends. Now that’s scary.