Zero no Tsukaima remix

So, have you seen this show Hayate no Gotoku? Same animators as Zero no Tsukaima, and the female leads have the same voice actress, and the story is essentially the same: young guy protects young girl, in bizarre circumstances. Zero had a magic school; Hayate seems to involve rich people and the yakuza.

In Zero, Saito’s parents are nonexistent; in Hayate, Hayate’s parents are worse than unavailable, they’re the cause of all his problems, ultimately abandoning him.

I thought Zero was okay. I’m not sure it’s worth buying, but it’s a decent little show to watch if nothing else is on.

Hayate seems to have more promise, though. While many aspects of the show are the same as Zero, this show isn’t afraid to be ridiculous–and then mock itself. The narrator routinely breaks the fourth wall, a device some may find tiresome but I find hilarious. “This anime won’t let bad deeds go unpunished!” (Or something like that.)

So, I’m looking forward to episode 2…which apparently just came out. Yay!