I made chocolate chip cookies yesterday, just like the old days.

When I was a teenager, I used to make them all the time. For some reason my family has always said I make them the best, even though all I do is follow the recipe. (And add about twice the number of chocolate chips. Hmm…)

It felt really good to put my new Kitchenaid to use at last. I ended up with three trays of cookies, the wonderful scent filling the apartment.

I brought some to work today to share. I left one Ziploc bag in the break room, and it was empty in no time. The other I kept in my office to offer to anyone who came by. The station manager said it was very thoughtful, and the assistant news director said his cookie was the highlight of his day!

I had some losers turn me down–two people said they were trying to lose weight, peh, and one guy said he was allergic to chocolate–but the overwhelming concensus seems to be that my cookies rock, which is of course the only truth there is in this crazy world.