Another awesome Richard Moore quote

“Look, this job is chicken soup. Don’t try to change it into lobster bisque.”

I’m into season two of Case Closed, and I’m still a fan. The only thing that bothers me is that they didn’t switch to the new OP. You hear it in the Detective Conan sub during the episode preview, but then it (jarringly) switches back to the first OP. (In the dub, they just play the first OP the whole time.)

This is very annoying, especially since it means I won’t get to hear “Nazo”. I was pretty interested to see how they’d sing that in English. But it’s also just a great song…yes, even better than “mune ni doki doki DAKE“.

Oh well.

At least the dub is fun! Any episode with Richard in it especially, but I also love Jimmy and Conan’s voice acting.

It is irritating, though, that I can’t own a legitimate, truly uncut release of Detective Conan without buying Region 2, untranslated DVDs :P