Case Closed OPs

I recently received $250 worth of Case Closed DVDs (yay birthday presents!).

Three of the DVDs were damaged and I’m going to return them. The discs were horribly scratched, so I tested them all in the DVD player to see if they would even play. It was then that I discovered that they did include “Nazo”!

I’ve done a little research, and it appears that the second OP, “Feel Your Heart”, was skipped over and replaced with the first OP on all discs. I can’t find an official reason for this anywhere, though I and others guess it’s a licensing issue. “Feel Your Heart” was never one of my favorite songs, so that I guess I don’t mind so much, even if it annoys the completist in me.

However, there is something that really bothers me, and that is the fact that the OPs aren’t synched up with the animation properly. In “Nazo”, for example, Conan will go through his little intro with the song playing in the background, but then, when the animation of the black-suited guy jumping out the window begins…the song starts over! WTF!

I don’t know if this means they only got the rights for the full-length versions of the songs, which they then sloppily patched into the animation, or what. But it throws me off and completely ruins my enjoyment of the OP animation.

Another awesome Richard Moore quote

“Look, this job is chicken soup. Don’t try to change it into lobster bisque.”

I’m into season two of Case Closed, and I’m still a fan. The only thing that bothers me is that they didn’t switch to the new OP. You hear it in the Detective Conan sub during the episode preview, but then it (jarringly) switches back to the first OP. (In the dub, they just play the first OP the whole time.)

This is very annoying, especially since it means I won’t get to hear “Nazo”. I was pretty interested to see how they’d sing that in English. But it’s also just a great song…yes, even better than “mune ni doki doki DAKE“.

Oh well.

At least the dub is fun! Any episode with Richard in it especially, but I also love Jimmy and Conan’s voice acting.

It is irritating, though, that I can’t own a legitimate, truly uncut release of Detective Conan without buying Region 2, untranslated DVDs :P

Holy crap

I just watched the opening gambit of Case Closed, episode one. And by Case Closed, I mean the Detective Conan English dub.

This is the best dub I have ever seen.

Seriously. This show has better voice acting than some shows that were made in English!

Intonation that makes sense! Voices that don’t sound like people trying to sound like something else! Meguire (Megure)’s accent is a little weird, but it works.

I am so impressed I think I’ll watch the whole episode like this.

This is one of the most surreal experiences of my life. :>

Edit: Jimmy (Shinichi) just said “Huh?” -_-

Edit #2: Rachel: This isn’t an office, it’s a pig sty! No wonder you haven’t had a case in months!

Richard: You’re wrong; I just polished off a whole case!


Edit #3: I like Rachel’s voice acting, though the timbre of her voice seems a little too mature sometimes.

Conan’s voice actress is pretty good! Maybe a little too cutesy.

I’m getting a kick out of all the accents in this show.

Edit #4: One thing I don’t like is that I can’t skip past the end credits to see the final scene and the next episode preview. If I hit next, it goes to the next episode. Bollocks! Edit #11: I need to stop editing this post. But I wanted to mention that I can skip to the preview on my regular DVD player. Still can’t skip to the final scene though!

Edit #5: I do like how they did the OP and ED! Same music, reorchestrated and played, with English lyrics that seem to match the originals, albeit they’re not direct translations. The singer isn’t bad, which helps. (Of course, I don’t get to hear a guy yelling “mune ni doki doki dake!!!”) I wonder how Nazo is in English…guess it’ll be awhile before I find out :>

Edit #5: Another like: they say “Next Conan’s Hint!” :D

Edit #6: Meguire: Got the cause of death?

Random Cop: We’re pretty sure it’s the knife in his back, sir.

Edit #7: Amy (Ayumi): What do you think Conan is doing?

George (Genta): He’s been doing it for so long I forgot he was even here!

Mitch (Mitsuhiko): Maybe he’s figured out the hidden message!

Jimmy (thinking): Why can’t I figure out this hidden message?!

(Note: They actually use Jimmy’s voice for his thoughts, which is interesting. Makes for a more clear separation between him and Conan.)

Edit #8: Okay, here’s a major dislike. When watching the Japanese version, I want to see all the signs and titles and things in Japanese. But the episode titles and various things you’re supposed to read in the background have been edited to be in English. That’s annoying; it means I can’t watch a “pure” version of the episode.

Also, the Japanese version of the OP isn’t the original version, either. The timing of the music is off, and at the end they put up the Case Closed logo instead of the Detective Conan logo.

Oddly, they leave the Detective Conan logo in for the eyecatch…

Edit #9: Richard (Kogorou, asleep): No, sir, I’m sure I gave my math homework to the pink monkey in the golf cart. He said he was the new football coach.


That was not in the original…:>

Edit #10: Client: It’s really a beautiful painting. Do you follow the arts, Richard?

Richard: Ahh…no.

I swear, Richard’s voice actor is spot on. The man is brilliant!