So, I’m like really sick and stuff.

I always feel like I’m cheating when I take time off work when I’m sick. I really shouldn’t, especially this time, because I was told by the doctor to absolutely stay home the rest of the week. I have a highly contagious stomach virus, and I need to rest and rehydrate and take medicine that will probably make me drowsy.

But aside from the varying chills and sweats and constant diarrhea, I feel okay. That’s why I went to work yesterday (and came home after three hours when I saw how high my fever was) and also, like a dolt, went out to lunch with Wes and also went to see Order of the Phoenix again at 8 o’clock.

Spreading those germs everywhere was apparently my mission yesterday ;P

So I’m going to take this seriously. I picked up my prescriptions and some sports drinks and water at Walgreens, and I’m going to stay home and relax and watch anime and piddle around online and sleep for as long as it takes for this thing to go away.

I hope nobody I’ve been around lately caught the bug from me :( I honestly thought it was food poisoning at first, since it started while I was eating lunch, so I didn’t worry about possibly being contagious.