Girl Genius yay!

When Studio Foglio put their comic Girl Genius online, there was already quite a backlog from the print version. So they released the new and old concurrently; those like me who hadn’t read the comics could follow the originals day by day from the very beginning.

Though I knew about the comic for some time, it was awhile before I actually got into reading it. I think I had to wait until there was a decent archive before I could really get a feel for what it was about.

Now, of course, I’m completely hooked. It’s one of my favorite webcomics. It’s grandstanding yet epic, overblown but real. The characters are varied and rich in depth. And the main character learns to use powers she doesn’t know she has, which I think is my favorite plotline.

Today, the originals have at last caught up with the new, online-only stuff. Which means I have a lot more reading than Harry Potter this weekend :D

I’ve already dug in, and I’m really enjoying being able to read the story so quickly, rather than having to wait for each new page. It’s going to be tough when I’m through the archives…but I’ll survive ;>

In the meantime, I’m really enjoying myself. This one made me laugh out loud.

If you haven’t read Girl Genius yet, click here to start from the beginning!

Edit: This gem from the archives has always delighted me.

Edit: Fixed those links, since they changed their archiving system. Also, the “laugh out loud” link was wrong.