Self-confident men

Somehow, once I was into my 20s, I was extraordinarily able to get along with young guys. I don’t know if I can really make a blanket statement here, but I’ve had several striking experiences that have made me wonder what exactly the deal was.

I think the first time it happened was during one of my Japanese classes. There was this freshman in class who regularly sat near me–tall, lean, with curly auburn hair. He would sit slouched in his seat and grin and joke around, and, as I learned later from the guys on my Japan trip, was apparently something of a slacker. I liked him rather a lot, so much that one day I told him I wanted to adopt him.

The next time I can remember is the kid who sold me the children’s magazine. I still reread those posts and laugh. Boy, did he ever enjoy the brownie!

I had another encounter with a teenage guy in line for Order of the Phoenix. I was sitting on the ground reading the novel when a large group of teenagers formed up in line behind me. Eventually one of them, of average height with dark curly hair, sat down next to me, and occasionally he’d make comments or ask questions. I Twittered about him here. (When he pointed out the girl in question, I was like, “Whoa, she’s hot. Good luck, dude!” I’m such a good role model…)

At one point, the apparent organizer of the teens, who was very obviously a Harry Potter freak, started singing very loudly. This girl was also the guy’s best friend, as I had previously learned. She looked over and noticed that he looked extremely embarrassed, so she yelled, “I’m his best friend! The guy with the iPhone!”

He immediately dumped his iPhone into my lap.

“Hmm,” I said, picking it up. “Maybe I’ll just keep this!”

They were just fun, all three experiences.

Also, I’ve been watching Prince of Tennis lately, and I absolutely adore all the boys in that show. They’re all so unique, but yet they’re all badass, and they know it.

I think I am just attracted by guys who are self-confident, and I like interacting with them. It’s one of the things that originally drew me, and still draws me, to Sean. I don’t think the guy necessarily has to be young–I also get crushes on older men, such as John Glover (damn he’s hot). I just like men who are slick, and who know they’re slick, and who therefore don’t waste time on trivial stuff…but who do take the time for a nice verbal joust purely for the mutual enjoyment.

Oddly, I can’t think of very many middle-aged men I’m attracted to. It could be that I still think of my dad as middle-aged, so I avoid thinking of that age group entirely. Or maybe middle-aged men just don’t exude that same confidence. Maybe they’re just plowing along trying to get through the day, whereas the carefree young man has his whole life ahead of him, and the old man has seen it all and doesn’t give a flip anymore. It’s a gross generalization, but it might fit.

Or maybe middle-aged men don’t flirt because they’re married! I don’t know.

Those of you out there who are attracted to men, or who are unafraid to analyze your relationships with them, do you have any specific age groups that do it for you? If so, which ones, and why? What kinds of men do you enjoy being around…and are those types the same types that you choose as friends?