Keep it up

I haven’t exercised since Tuesday; yesterday I felt terrible when I got up, and today I was just tired and got up too late. I did run around shopping during lunch yesterday, if that counts for anything.

But I have been eating fairly well. Yesterday I had a Slim-Fast for breakfast, half of a spring greens salad with strawberries (no dressing) for lunch, and then salmon-potato croquettes with grits and steamed veggies at Boll Weevil for dinner. Dinner might have been too much food. But at least I drank water, and I didn’t have a dessert…which is a miracle for me at the Boll Weevil.

I found yesterday that putting off my lunch until late in the day made me not feel hungry at all, and then eating a large dinner not too long after that staved off the headache. I just need to make sure I don’t eat a large, unhealthy dinner.

Today I didn’t have breakfast because I’m out of Slim-Fast, but when I got to work I discovered some leftovers from where the morning crew had made breakfast for one of the production assistants to celebrate her birthday, so I had four cocktail wieners. I also ate a mint from Olive Garden that happened to be in my desk…I need to watch that sort of thing.

I’m not doing anything mind-blowing in terms of lifestyle changes, but that’s how it should be: one step at a time. And I am feeling better. I’ve been pretty chipper lately…reading and posting more on my blog, for example. The next thing I want to get back into is photography. I was out at a party last night for nearly three hours and I didn’t take a single picture. That really shows how out of practice I am.

I think once I get myself into a decent routine, where I’m getting up at the same time every day, I will start looking more seriously at my meal planning and charting things out, but for now I’m just trying to gradually adjust.